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Vieux Loup de Mer offers you a unique concept in tourist lodging in one of our themed wooden cottages situated on Rose Bay, located only a few yards from the legendary and incomparable Bic National Park.


Visit our three categories of authentic cottages and you will discover the specific characteristics of each group. Please also see the document General Terms and Conditions for further information regarding the use of our facilities and for details on making your reservation.

Which category below most nearly fits your tastes?



Perched on the highest point of the cliff overlooking Rose Bay, this group of cottages, constructed in a style typical of Québec residences of long ago, offers you the high standards of lodging for which we have become famous.


In an effort to offer our visitors a unique experience in comfort that is in keeping with the highest standards of today we offer the following additional features:

  • Bedrooms furnished with king bed

  • Bedding and linen of the highest quality

  • Best selection of furnishings and equipment

  • Nespresso machine

Bic by the Sea

Located along the shoreline of Rose Bay, these Summer Houses have withstood the challenges of the sea and the seasons for many years.


In this unique location you will live alongside the whitecaps and the waves that come with the ebb and flow of the tide, the fresh saline breeze, and the peace and beauty of the surrounding countryside, from sunup to sunset.

The Front Row Seat

Pass through a well-kept grove of trees and you will discover a row of wooden cottages, each one nestled in a niche at the top of the cliff overlooking Rose Bay. Without exception, you will notice that each cottage is unique in the number of persons it can accommodate and the way in which each blends with the surrounding environment. Upon entering your cottage you will discover a warm décor as well as a magnificent view of the water. In fact, the only similarities between each of these cottages are their quietness and comfort, plus a panoramic view of the grandeur and beauty of the surrounding area.

3250 Route 132 O

Le Bic (Rimouski), QC
G0L 1B0