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    parc du mont saint louis

    Discover Parc du Mont Saint-Louis in Rimouski

    Parc du Mont Saint-Louis is a peaceful park with a rich history. Located in the heart of Le Bic, the park has many treasures for you to discover, including its famous cross and a stunning view of the bay.

    Vieux Loup de Mer invites you to discover Parc du Mont Saint-Louis in Le Bic and what it has to offer.

    Parc du Mont Saint-Louis: the perfect retreat

    Parc du Mont Saint-Louis looks over the village of Le Bic, which is now part of Rimouski. It is a peaceful place parents and children can visit for a view of the bay, the Îles du Bic and the Club de Golf du Bic.

    It’s an ideal spot to spend a quiet afternoon with family, enjoying the fine weather and the stunning views. The park is also quite close to Parc National du Bic. After a long day visiting the national park, it can be very pleasant to enjoy the landscape from a different perspective.

    Tip from Vieux Loup de Mer: If you love parks, consider visiting Parc Beauséjour in Rimouski as well! 😉

    A park with a rich history

    In addition to being an ideal leisure spot, Parc du Mont Saint-Louis is a place with a rich history and a number of monuments to discover.

    The most well-known is the Mont Saint-Louis cross. The 7.5 m metal monument depicting Christ on the cross was inaugurated in 1925 by the bishop of Rimouski. This integral part of Le Bic history was historically featured in the Fête-Dieu procession that took place in the village.

    Parc du Mont Saint-Louis is also known for its cannon. The cannon was found washed up on the shores of the Île du Bic after a ship went down. It was historically used to signal the start of the Fête-Dieu procession in the village.


    Parc du Mont Saint-Louis is open throughout the year and accessible to all. It is located on Rue de la Grotte in Rimouski, G0L 1B0.

    For more information about the park, contact the administration at 418 723-3313 or on the Ville de Rimouski website (in French only).

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    Park Mont Saint-Louis is a perfect place to relax with family and learn more about the history of Le Bic. With its enchanting views and monuments, it’s one of the best places to visit in the Rimouski region.

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    Cover photo credit: Lilian Francisquete

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