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    Why you should sea kayak in the Parc national du Bic and its islands

    The Parc national du Bic offers a wealth of landscapes and activities to do. Sea kayaking is one of the most popular activities. You can explore the surroundings of the Parc du Bic, its many islands and its marine animals from an angle that is impossible to see from the shore.

    Follow the advice of Vieux Loup de Mer and discover the Parc National du Bic and its islands by sea kayak.

    Sea kayaking: a unique way to discover Parc national du Bic

    At Vieux Loup de Mer, we pride ourselves in offering cottages for rent in the beautiful Bic region. With its extraordinary coastal landscapes and some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, the Parc national du Bic is without a doubt the ideal destination for lovers of nature and tranquility.

    Why not enjoy this enchanting setting in a unique way? Sea kayaking gives you the opportunity to discover the nooks and crannies of the park from another angle. An activity that is a change of pace from hiking !

    Paddle along the shores to observe the marine life and stop in the evening to contemplate an idyllic sunset over Bic, its shoreline and its many islands. From coves and bays to capes and islands, the maritime estuary of the St. Lawrence offers you the most beautiful scenery!

    Stroll around Parc du Bic

    Along the Parc national du Bic, many coves, capes and bays border the area. Discover some of the must-see places:

    • Baie des Ha! Ha!: a peaceful atmosphere perfectly suited for sea kayaking. Keep your eyes open, they say the sunsets are magnificent!
    • L’Anse aux Bouleaux: its eastern part is ideal for kayak lovers. Be careful, the western part is forbidden to navigation.
    • L’Anse à Mouille-Cul: perfect for heading up to Cap-à-l’Orignal
    • Le Récif de l’Orignal: this area located off Anse à l’Orignal (which is forbidden to navigation) will give you a front row seat to observe the seals.

    Visit the Bic islands that border the park

    As you move further away from the shoreline, you can explore the many islands of Bic . Discover some of the islands to visit on your next sea kayaking trip in the St. Lawrence Estuary:

    • Île-aux-Amours: this island is accessible on foot at low tide and offers a rich and wild nature
    • L’Île Brûlée: perfect for those who want to enjoy a raw and unspoiled view
    • Île du Bic: the largest of the islands in the Parc national du Bic, its charm and large surface area will appeal to everyone
    • Île Bicquette: located behind Île du Bic, it is just as interesting to discover

    Discover a unique wildlife

    Finally, going sea kayaking in the Parc du Bic also means enjoying the wide variety of animals found in the Bic park. The park is home to 226 species of birds and many mammals.

    Greater yellowlegs, plovers, harlequin ducks, Barrow’s goldeneye. All of these birds are present in great numbers near the coasts and at sea. Many fish also inhabit the waters of Bic. Finally, the seals (common and grey) are the real stars of Parc du Bic. They live in large numbers in the bay and offer kayakers a unique sight from July to October. It is also said that a few beluga whales sometimes venture into the bay, so keep an eye out!


    What should I know about sea kayaking in Bic National Park?

    There are a few things you need to know about sea kayaking at Bic. As with many activities in Parc du Bic, you must be prepared. Seasons, rates and equipment are just some of the things you should know.

    When is the best time to go sea kayaking in Bic?

    The kayaking season begins around mid-May. It ends in mid-October, at the end of Thanksgiving week.

    Here are also the best seasons to observe certain animals in the park:

    Where to go sea kayaking in Parc national du Bic

    Many tourist organizations offer sea kayak rentals in Bic. The activity is suitable for the whole family. However, beware of the weather before planning a kayak trip with children.

    Rates and accessibility

    Rates for sea kayaking trips vary depending on the organization and the duration of the trip. Some offer hourly rates while others offer all-inclusive packages of several hours. As a general rule, you should expect to pay between $20 and $30 per hour.

    This price includes the equipment, i.e. a waterproof bag, a flotation jacket and a neoprene suit. We recommend bringing a bathing suit, towel, sunglasses and sunscreen when you go out on the water. Also remember to bring food and drink.

    Stay at the Vieux Loup de Mer before heading out to sea!

    A sea kayaking trip in Bic needs to be planned in advance. Some equipment is required beforehand. Some rest will also be necessary before or after the outing!

    If you want to navigate in the waters of Bic in complete peace of mind, make a stopover at the Vieux Loup de Mer. You will find everything you need among our many vacation chalets available in the Rimouski area. Contact us for more information. Our staff will be happy to welcome you during your stay in the region. We’ll give you some great tips on what to do and where to go in the Parc national du Bic!

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