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    Discovering Rimouski’s ice skating rinks

    The ice skating season is launched in Rimouski, a city in the Lower St. Laurent region of Quebec. As the first snowflakes whiten the province’s reliefs, winter activities are starting in full swing. That’s why we propose you to discover the places where to ice skate in Rimouski.

    The ice skating rink at Beauséjour Park in Rimouski

    Beauséjour Park is one of the places to visit in summer as well as in winter. Located south of the Littoral trail, the park becomes, with the winter, one of the favorite places to ice skate in Rimouski.

    Thanks to the icy temperatures, one kilometer of the park’s pathways becomes a real ice skating rink and an ice trail on which to exercise your ease and balance.

    Located in the heart of downtown Rimouski, the park offers various winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and a skating trail. There are a variety of free options, excluding rentals, that are sure to delight young and old alike during the winter season.

    For more information on the dates of the season, visit the City of Rimouski’s website.

    The Desjardins Sports Complex

    Located at 15 minutes walk from the Christmas Market of Rimouski, the Complexe Desjardins offers two ice rinks. The first one has Olympic dimensions and the second one has North American dimensions.

    The complex offers two kinds of slots: free ice skating and ice rental for clubs (ice skating and ice hockey) and school activities.

    In addition to the unique size of the rinks, the complex also offers an on-site ice skate rental service.

    Schedules and skating slots are also available on the City of Rimouski’s website. The rates are available on the site and vary according to the sessions, the age and the residence.

    Sun Life Financial Coliseum

    The largest amphitheatre east of Quebec City and home of the Océanic, the Colisée is one of the places open during the winter season and accessible for ice skating. Beyond the meeting rooms or the team boutique, the Colisée offers various skating activities.

    Depending on availability, you will have the possibility to do, among others, field hockey, figure skating and free skating. The structure also provides access, when organized, to shows and fairs throughout the year.

    Rimouski’s outdoor ice skating rinks

    Everywhere in the city and especially near the community centers, the city sets up, every year, outdoor ice skating rinks for the pleasure of the inhabitants. It is the perfect occasion to end your day on an icy note, after a dinner in one of Rimouski’s restaurants.

    However, as for the Beauséjour Park, the winter season has not yet started and the schedules have not yet been communicated. That’s why, in order not to miss your opportunity to slide and feel the wind blowing on your ears, we invite you to consult the city’s website or to visit the arenas and complexes of Rimouski.

    The multifunctional pavilion of Bic

    Bic National Park offers many winter activities and, even if the complex is only named after it, one of them is skating.

    Close to the St. Laurent River, this complex has an indoor skating rink that is accessible to the public. Schedules vary according to the activities and the time of the week:

    • Free ice skating takes place on weekends,
    • Free field hockey takes place on Monday and Thursday evenings.

    The other slots are dedicated to group activities. Details of schedules and fees are available on site.

    The multipurpose pavilion

    Open from September to May, the pavilion offers organizations, groups and individuals, the complex to practice ice activities.

    Operating on reservation, it is important to consult the website of the city to reserve your ice time, according to availability.

    Keep in mind that the time slot of your reservation will depend on the type of activity you want to do.

    Discover more winter activities in the heart of Bic National Park

    Ice skating is one of the most popular winter activities in Rimouski for the inhabitants as well as for the tourists. The idyllic setting as well as the festive atmosphere related to the holiday season make it a real must.

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