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    Lamontagne House: Learn About the Region’s Rich History

    The historic Lamontagne House is a hidden gem in the Rimouski region. Classified a National Historic Site in 1974, the house is a window into the lives of our Quebec ancestors.

    Vieux Loup de Mer is a proud supporter of Quebec’s rich cultural heritage. Come uncover the secrets of the Lamontagne House historic site. While you’re here, stay in one of our Rimouski cottage rentals and enjoy all that the region has to offer!

    The Lamontagne House: a unique history

    The Lamontagne House is a half-timbered house built in 1744 by the Lord of Rimouski for his daughter, Marie-Agnès Lepage. It is the oldest house in Eastern Quebec. The site provides a true snapshot of what life was like for settlers in New France.

    Its unusual architecture is typical of houses built up until the end of the French Regime. These dwellings were ill-suited to the harsh Quebec winters.

    maison lamontagne histoire
    The right side of the house, without half-timbering, was added in 1810. This extension was built using the post-and-beam technique, a common construction method used by Louisiana and New France settlers.

    As its name suggests, the Lamontagne House belonged to the Lamontagne family until 1920. It was rediscovered in the 1970s and was briefly lived in again. The historian Michel Lessard saw this house for the historical gem it was. He decided to approach the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, which then acquired it.

    In 1974, Quebec designated the Lamontagne House and its grounds as protected cultural sites. It has been open to the public since 1981 and is one of our favourite things to do in the Rimouski region.

    Lamontagne historic site: Activities

    You can visit the Lamontagne historic site between June and October. In addition to the house, the historic site has plenty of other activities, including:

    • Guided tours that provide the historical context for this Bic region landmark
    • Exhibitions on the lives of the early New France settlers
    • Bread baking in the house’s outdoor oven every Friday during the summer season
    • Dimanches en Musique are free shows performed by local musicians every Sunday
    • Hands-on presentations for children and school groups
    • Regional products on sale in the gift shop

    While you’re in Rimouski, why not also visit the Pointe-au-Père historical site? It’s yet another site full of wonderful surprises!

    dimanche en musique
    Locals and visitors love to attend “Dimanches en Musique” (Music Sundays) on the grounds of the historic site. (source: Maison Lamontagne)

    Plan your visit: fees and opening hours

    The Lamontagne historic site is open from mid-June to mid-October. The 2021 season ends on October 10. At the end of the season, the house is only open to visitors Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

    Visiting the site’s grounds is free! You will have to buy a ticket to visit the house.

    Admission fees:

    • Adult: $6
    • Ages 6 to 17/student/65 and older: $4
    • Family: $12 

    The site is located at 707 Boulevard du Rivage in Rimouski (G5L 7L3). For more information, you can call the Lamontagne site at 418-722-4038 (418-722-3879 during off-season) or write them at [email protected].

    Relax at the Vieux Loup de Mer before visiting the historic site

    Much like the Lamontagne house, the cottages at Vieux Loup de Mer are full of charm and history. Our chalets are the perfect jumping off point for exploring the historic site. We can’t wait to welcome you and share our insider expertise on the region. Contact us today!

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