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    What are the best places to visit and things to do in the Rimouski region?

    The Rimouski region, and more widely the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, offers visitors many activities and places to discover.

    Whether you want to hike, do sports or cultural activities or just observe the flora and fauna, it’s easy to create your own itinerary for a memorable trip. But you still need to find out about the best activities and places to visit!

    Vieux Loup de Mer will help you discover what to do and what not to miss during your next visit to the Rimouski area.

    Activities to do in the Rimouski region

    The Rimouski region offers visitors a wide variety of summer and winter activities. Whether it’s a game of golf overlooking the St. Lawrence River, a bike or snowmobile ride or a simple sightseeing tour, there is sure to be an activity that inspires you.

    Ride the many bicycle routes in the region

    The Rimouski region and its surroundings offer many circuits and trails for cyclists.

    Starting from one of the Vieux Loup de Mer hotel cottages, you can plan a great family activity by discovering the bike trails of the Parc national du Bic.

    Go on a hiking adventure

    The Rimouski region and Parc national du Bic offer many hiking trails and itineraries for hikers. In both summer and winter, you can enjoy trails suitable for any level of experience.

    Check out the Parc national du Bic trail map to plan your nature walks during your stay.

    Discover Parc national du Bic by sea kayak

    If you have a sea legs and want to discover the Parc national du Bic from a different angle, try sea kayaking. You can admire a sunset with your feet (almost) in the water and there are several places that offer kayaking trips near our estate.

    If you love coastal landscapes, come and enjoy our chalet our chalet Le Chasse Marée. Facing the Baie Rose, this magnificent sea shanty-inspired cottage will let you enjoy the marine scenery marked by the tides.

    Sea kayaking near Parc national du Bic

    Enjoy the thrill of rock climbing

    If you like thrills and aren’t prone to vertigo, give rock climbing a try in Parc national du Bic. Climbing is a great outdoor activity if you want to enjoy the incredible views of the region!

    Discover the Rimouski region aboard an all-terrain vehicle or a snowmobile

    For those who love to ride, Rimouski and its surroundings offer many trails to practice on ATV or snowmobile. Depending on the season, you can admire the authentic landscapes of this region of the Lower St. Lawrence with a whole new perspective.

    Golfing at the Club de Golf du Bic

    Located 5 km from Parc national du Bic and our estate, the Club de Golf du Bic welcomes you to a course ranging from 9 to 18 holes. Renowned for its unique setting and its view of the St. Lawrence River, the mountainous terrain offers an unrivaled place to practice your swing!

    Are you a golf lover? Come and stay in one of our cottages and enjoy the greens at the Club de Golf du Bic.

    Fishing in the many lakes surrounding Rimouski

    The region of Bic, and Rimouski in its entirety, has many lakes available for daily fishing for travelers passing through. If you want to learn how to fish with friends or family, set aside a day on one of the 500 lakes of the region dedicated to fishing.

    Keep in mind, however, that a right of access is required to fish on these lakes. You can obtain one in advance from the organizations that manage the lakes.

    Marvel at the wildlife of Parc national du Bic

    Finally, one of the most popular activities for visitors to Parc national du Bic is wildlife viewing. Depending on the season you visit the park, you can observe seals, white-tailed deer, bears, lynx, fishers and many other species that have taken refuge in the peaceful lands of Parc national du Bic.

    Children and adults alike will marvel at the spectacle of nature in the area.

    Seals near Parc national du Bic

    Places to visit in the Rimouski region

    The Rimouski region offers more than just activities. There are also many historical or heritage sites to learn more about the unique character of the Lower St. Lawrence.

    A trip back in time at the Lamontagne house

    Have you heard of the Lamontagne House? Built in 1744 and classified as a national heritage site, this building takes you back in time to when settlers came from Europe to found New France.

    The Lamontagne house is one of the few remaining vestiges of the era in the region. Come and visit this important place in the Lower St. Lawrence region.

    Escape to the Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer

    For a breathtaking experience in a natural wonder, head to the Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer

    Located less than an hour from the Vieux Loup de Mer estate and thirty minutes from Rimouski, come and admire the magnificent gorges, waterfalls and rivers through the Portes de l’Enfer hiking trails. Unforgettable views and memories!

    Visit the historical site of Pointe-au-Père and its maritime museum

    Another place to visit if you are passing through the Rimouski area is the historical site of Pointe-au-Père. This site, where many European settlers passed through during the 17th century, quickly became a major maritime crossing point. Its 33-meter high lighthouse is a testimony to its history.

    The site also has a rich maritime museum on the history of the region that will you will certainly find interesting.

    The lighthouse of the historical site of Pointe-au-Père

    Go on an excursion to Saint-Barnabé Island

    Do you want to take to the sea in the truest sense of the word? Go on an excursion to Saint-Barnabé Island. This small island, located off the coast of Rimouski, is open to visitors during the summer and offers many activities in the heart of the St. Lawrence River.

    Come and discover it during a hike or to watch the seals and birds that inhabit the island. You can even spend the night at the Saint-Barnabé Island campground.

    A must-see tour of Beausejour Park

    In the heart of the city of Rimouski, the Beauséjour park is the ideal place for the whole family. This park located on the Rimouski River offers several activities such as sledding or skating in winter or lawn bowling, games for children and water sports in summer.

    This park is ideal for families and a must-see if you are in the area with children and want to enjoy activities in Rimouski itself.

    Visit Mont Saint-Louis Park

    Located in the village of Le Bic, Mont Saint-Louis Park is a perfect place to relax if you are looking for a quiet park with a breathtaking view of the village of Le Bic and its golf club.

    Come and relax in the park before heading out on an adventure in the area.

    Discover the many islands of Bic

    There is more to Bic than just the national park. Our corner of paradise also offers many different islands that you can visit and enjoy. Île du Bic, Île aux Amours, Île Brûlée, Île du Massacre, all of which you can visit if you come to stay in the area. Each island has its own history, wildlife and landscape.

    If you want to visit them from dawn to dusk, our chalet Le Champlain will be perfect for you. Located in front of the Île aux Amours, at the foot of the St. Lawrence River, our log cabin will give you magical and unforgettable moments.

    View of the St. Lawrence River from Parc national du Bic

    Walking on Champlain peak

    The highest point of the Parc national du Bic, climbing to the top of Champlain peak is a must in the region. Located at 346 meters high, this summit offers extraordinary landscapes and an incredible view of the Bic region.

    Two trails of 3 and 4.5 kilometers are available to reach the highest point of Champlain. The climb is well worth it!

    Now that you know what to do in the Rimouski area, come visit us!

    The great region of Rimouski offers many activities to do and places to visit. If you would like to stay in our beautiful region and enjoy a moment out of time, come visit one of our 15 authentic cottages.

    Whether you are looking for a cottage in the forest in the style of Robin Hood or a cottage by the sea in the spirit of Jacques Cartier, you will find everything you are looking for in any season. Consult our interactive map to find the different cottages and services of our estate.

    We welcome you to contact us to plan your stay. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions. Our warm and welcoming staff can even give you travel tips and recommend unusual places off the beaten track that only they know about!

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