Come and visit the spectacular chute Neigette

Located only twenty minutes south-east of Rimouski, the Chute Neigette is a unique, must-see nature attraction. If you are coming to the Rimouski region anytime soon, it’s impossible for you not to have an adventure at this extraordinary site.

The location also offers a hiking trail between the Chute Neigette and Mont Comi. It’s definitely worth making this detour to Mont Comi, even though it’s a little out of the way.

To give you a taste of what to expect, Vieux Loup de Mer invites you to discover more about the Chute Neigette and its beautiful surroundings!


The Chute Neigette is one of the must-see natural sites in the Rimouski region. Just like Hell’s Gate Canyon-Terfa, the grandiose and majestic side to this waterfall is what makes it so popular. A raw and powerful spectacle that leaves no one untouched.

You can admire this beauty from the base of the waterfall or take a footbridge that passes over the Chute and the Neigette River to view it from another angle. The Chute Neigette is 35 metres tall and surrounded by forests. Its positioning gives it a unique amount of sun exposure that makes it endearing.

Visiting this natural wonder is an absolutely essential thing to do in the Rimouski region.


The Chute Neigette is also appealing to hikers. Many people take the trail from the Chute to Mont Comi and its ski resort.

At 12.9 kilometers in length, this trail allows you to explore the Chute Neigette and its footbridge as well as Mont Comi and its outstanding view of the region from 575 meters up. The Chute Neigette to Mont Comi trail is rated an intermediate to advanced hiking trail, mostly due to the length of the trail. It would take about 3 hours to hike the trail and back again. The trail’s signs are marked out all the way along the route. It’s also good to know that you can visit the Chute Neigette in winter if you’ve got snowshoes. The frozen waterfall scenery is said to be of unparalleled beauty!

If you decide to embark on the trail from the Chute Neigette to Mont Comi, make sure you’re well-equipped. Hikers frequently report that there aren’t many other visitors on this trail so it’s important to pack everything you might need.

Vieux Loup de Mer’s recommendation: If you enjoy hiking and high viewpoints, consider also trying to climb Pic Champlain at the Parc National du Bic near to Rimouski.😊


The Chute Neigette is not only a hiker’s paradise, it’s also a dream playground for climbing enthusiasts. You’re even able to climb up the main waterfall rock face. There’s a total of 9 climbing routes available for you to enjoy.

Having heights of between 12 and 32 metres, the different climbing routes at the Chute Neigette let you discover the area and experience plenty of thrills. Please note that some of the routes are very steep and therefore intended for experienced climbers.

It goes without saying that we do not recommend that you do any climbing at the Chute Neigette if you have little experience or lack the right equipment to climb up the cliffs!


The Chute Neigette and its trail are accessible from May until October, as soon as the sun comes up. Note that it’s also possible to visit the Chute Neigette in the winter if you have snowshoes.

The nature attraction is accessible via the 621 exit on highway 20, just after the Saint-Anaclet village.

To follow the trail between the Chute Neigette and Mont Comi, make your way to the Fourneau-à-Chaux hill.


The Chute Neigette is a must-see nature attraction in the Lower Saint-Lawrence region. This unique gem, hidden within the trees, makes an impression on everyone. Taking its trail leading to Mont Comi is a perfect way to escape and soak up the region’s unparalleled views. There’s even something for the climber enthusiasts out there so everyone can get something out of this nature site!

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