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    6 Quintessential Activities to Do in Parc National du Bic

    Parc national du Bic is a destination in the Bas-Saint-Laurent that you won’t want to miss! Located near the maritime estuary of the St. Lawrence River, the park is the pride of the people of Le Bic and offers many activities for visitors.

    From hiking and biking to cross-country skiing and sea kayaking, there are many different ways to explore Parc national du Bic. To get you started, Vieux Loup de Mer presents 6 activities in Parc national du Bic you should try at least once!

    1. Hike in Parc national du Bic

    Parc national du Bic has plenty of hiking trails for adventurers to explore. Regardless of your level of experience and the time of year you visit, there will be trails for you to enjoy! You can plan your outing in advance by using the Bic trail map to ascertain the difficulty and length of each path.

    Parc national du Bic has plenty of trails to choose from, including the Contrebandier, the Chemin du Nord and La Pinède. Each trail gives visitors the opportunity to discover the park from a different perspective.

    The most beautiful hiking trails in Parc national du Bic all offer their own unique view of the landscape, with some overlooking the bay and others remaining nestled in the woods. It’s worth doing more than one to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the park! With the gorgeous views and rich wildlife, hiking in Parc national du Bic is an activity that visitors to the region won’t want to miss.

    2. Climb Pic Champlain

    Among the many hikes offered in Parc national du Bic, none is more spectacular or more worthwhile than climbing Pic Champlain. With a 346m-high summit, Pic Champlain is the highest point of the park, offering an incomparable view of the region below.

    The climb up to and down from the peak takes 2 hours total. The 6 kilometres separating the starting point and the summit provide many opportunities to admire the natural beauty of the park. Feel free to pause along the way to observe the area’s varied wildlife and unique vegetation!

    If you’re planning to climb Pic Champlain during your visit, why not stay at one of Vieux Loup de Mer’s charming chalets, just a stone’s throw from Parc national du Bic?


    3. Go sea kayaking in Parc national du Bic

    Sea kayaking is the perfect way to enjoy the calm waters and admire the national park and the Bic coast from another perspective. Not only is the activity great exercise, but it will give you a chance to observe the region’s many animals. From seals and fish to sea birds, the shores of Parc national du Bic have a lot to offer!

    In a sea kayak, you’ll be able to leave the shore behind and explore the surrounding islands, such as Île-aux-Amours. There’s no need to stay within the confines of the park—paddle on and discover what the St. Lawrence River has to offer!

    Various tourist organizations offer sea kayaking in Parc national du Bic. Rental fees generally start at around $20. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, sea kayaking is one of the best activities you can do while staying at Vieux Loup de Mer.

    4. Admire the wildlife in the Bic

    Parc national du Bic is full of wildlife that you should definitely take the time to observe. You’ll be able to see different species depending on what time of year you visit and where you go.

    If there’s a particular animal you’d like to see during your visit, plan your stay around the best time of year to observe that species. Nature can be unpredictable, so you’ll need calm, patience and a bit of luck to see the animals at Parc national du Bic!

    Mammals at Parc national du Bic

    There are plenty of mammals at Parc national du Bic, but the park is best known for its seals, which can be found in the bay. You may also be able to spot rare animals such as American porcupines, Canada lynx and black bears. White-tailed deer, coyotes and Canadian beavers are also found in the park.

    Our chalet, Le Guesthouse, is located out of sight and surrounded by vast vegetation, so you might be able to spot a few animals after dark if you stay there!

    Birds at Parc national du Bic

    Parc national du Bic is also known for the many birds that call it home, which include several marine species. Black ducks, green-winged teal and Canada geese are all found in the park. There are also plenty of birds of prey, including bald eagles, peregrine falcons and sharp-shinned hawks.

    The park is also home to a wide variety of other species. Reptiles, insects and fish are plentiful in the region. You’ll undoubtedly encounter some fascinating creatures during your visit!

    5. Cycle the park trails

    If you’re not sure what to do in Parc national du Bic, why not go cycling? The park offers four cycling trails ranging from easy to intermediate level. From mid-May to the first snow, there are 15 km of trails you can use to discover the beauty of the park. If you like biking in the snow, 13 km of trails are available during the day in winter so that you can enjoy the snowy landscapes of the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

    Come discover Parc national du Bic by bicycle with family or friends! You can also explore the other cycling routes in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

    Between cycling excursions, relax and unwind in one of our 15 authentic Quebec chalets!


    6. Explore the Îles du Bic

    Parc national du Bic is bordered by several islands, including Île aux Amours, Île Brûlée and Île du Massacre. In addition to their stunning views and unique landscapes, the Îles du Bic are steeped in history and legend. From the First Nations that inhabited the islands to settlers, conflicts and shipwrecks, there’s plenty to learn!

    Did you know?: Golfing in Le Bic is another great activity for those visiting the area! The Club de Golf du Bic offers incredible views of the Parc national du Bic and its islands, which you can enjoy while practicing your swing! 😊

    Stay at Vieux Loup de Mer for your Parc national du Bic adventure!

    Vieux Loup de Mer is the ideal place to stay if you want to enjoy the many activities available at Parc national du Bic! We offer unique, cozy accommodations just steps from the park and its activities. Take a look at the locations of our 15 chalets using our interactive map.Contact us to find out which chalets are available for each season. Our friendly, courteous staff will be happy to recommend the region’s best activities. It will be our pleasure to refer you to the local organizations and partners in charge of activities in Parc national du Bic.

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