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    6 must-do activities in the Parc national du Bic

    Parc national du Bic is a must-see destination in the Lower St. Lawrence region. Located in the maritime estuary of the St. Lawrence River, the park is the pride of the people of Le Bic and offers many activities for visitors.

    Hiking, sea kayaking, cross-country skiing, biking, with so many choices, it’s not easy to decide what to do in the Parc national du Bic. That’s why the Vieux Loup de Mer offers you 6 activity ideas to do at least once in the Parc national du Bic.

    1. Discover the magnificent Parc national du Bic

    For those who love walking and adventure, the Parc national du Bic offers many hiking trails. You can visit the park in summer or winter using the different trails adapted to all levels. Whether you choose a beginner, intermediate or advanced path, you can plan your trip in advance based on the difficulty and length of the hike. Consult the Bic trail map to plan your outing.

    Whether it’s the Contrebandier, the Chemin du Nord or even La Pinède, Parc national du Bic is full of different routes. Each trail allows you to discover the park from a different perspective. Multiple viewpoints, rich wildlife and unforgettable memories make hiking in the Parc national du Bic the perfect activity to do if you come to visit the region.

    2. Climb Pic Champlain

    Among the many hikes offered in the Parc national du Bic, the ascent of Pic Champlain is undoubtedly the one you absolutely must do. Located at an altitude of 346 meters, the Pic Champlain is the highest point of the park. It offers an incomparable view of the region.

    The climb to the peak is a 2-hour hike. The 6 kilometers separating the peak from the starting point of the hike gives you the opportunity to discover the surrounding nature of the park. You can pause to observe the varied wildlife and the unique nature of the area.

    Before setting off to climb Pic Champlain, why not come and recharge your batteries in one of the 15 Vieux Loup de Mer cottages, just a stone’s throw from Parc national du Bic.

    3. Discover the Bic estuary by sea kayak

    Sea kayaking is the perfect way to enjoy the calm of the sea and admire the national park and the Bic coast from another angle. In addition, you get the chance to observe the many animals of the region. From seals to sea birds, the Parc national du Bic has a lot to offer.

    Various tourist organizations offer kayaking in the bay of Bic. Whether you are a novice or an expert, sea kayaking is a must do activity if you are staying at Vieux Loup de Mer.

    4. Admire the Big wildlife

    The Bic park is filled with a rich fauna that you should definitely take the time to observe. Depending on where you go and the season you visit, you may see different types of animals.

    If you want to see a particular animal during your visit, plan your stay around the best time of year to observe that species. Nature is often unpredictable and you will need to be calm, patient and lucky to spot certain animals.

    Mammals in Parc national du Bic

    Many mammals can be found in Bic park. The most famous is without a doubt the seal, which can be observed in the bay in the region. You can also see uncommon mammals such as the American porcupine, the Canada lynx or the black bear. White-tailed deer, coyotes and Canadian beavers are also found in the park.

    Our cottage “Le Guesthouse”, located out of sight and surrounded by vast vegetation, will perhaps allow you to observe some animals after dark.

    Birds in Parc national du Bic

    The Parc national du Bic is also famous for the numerous birds it shelters. Among the birds present in the park, we find many marine birds. The black duck, the green-winged teal and the Canada goose are all present in the park. The park is also home to a large number of birds of prey such as the bald eagle, the peregrine falcon and the sharp-shinned hawk.

    Bic park is also home to a wide variety of other species. Reptiles, insects and fish are present in large numbers in the area.

    5. Cycling the park trails

    The Parc national du Bic offers four cycling trails with levels ranging from easy to intermediate. In the summer, from mid-May to the first snow, you can use 15 km of trails to discover the beauty of the park. If you are an avid snow biker, 13 km of trails are available during the day so that you can enjoy the snowy landscapes of the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

    Come and discover the Parc national du Bic by bicycle and ride along the trails with your family or friends. After your ride, you can cozy up in one of our 15 authentic Quebec cottages.

    6. Watch a beautiful sunset

    No matter where you go in the park, take time to enjoy the magnificent sunsets. Parc national du Bic, and the Lower St. Lawrence region more broadly, is without a doubt one of the places in Quebec with the most beautiful sunsets.

    From the Pic Champlain, Anse à l’Orignal or Pointe aux Épinettes, the orange sun reflecting on the water of the Baie du Bic is a magnificent and unique sight. Whether in summer or winter, this activity is a must and should not be missed.

    At Vieux Loup de Mer, our estate offers you the opportunity to contemplate the sunset during your entire stay. Whether it is from our chalet “Le Chasse-Marée”, “Le Contrebandier” or “Le Trappeur”, to name but a few, you will be able to enjoy this grandiose display of nature.

    Stay at Vieux Loup de Mer to discover the Parc National du Bic

    Vieux Loup de Mer is the ideal place to stay if you want to discover the many activities of the Parc National du Bic! Located not far from the park, our estate offers you the chance to discover a unique setting near the park and its activities. Discover the location of our 15 hotel cottages with our interactive map.Contact us to find out more about the different cottages available each season. Our friendly and courteous staff will be happy to recommend the region’s must-see activities. It will be our pleasure to refer you to local organizations and partners in charge of activities in the Parc national du Bic.

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