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    The Top 7 Cycling Routes in Bas-Saint-Laurent

    When visiting the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, you may find yourself struck by an uncontrollable desire to explore the area’s many bike paths. From Rimouski to Kamouraska by way of Lake Témiscouata, the possibilities are endless.

    Grab your bike and get ready to explore the region’s magnificent landscapes!

    Le Vieux Loup de Mer has chosen the 7 best bike rides in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region.

    1. Grand Circuit Maritime

    The Grand Circuit Maritime is a veritable classic in the region and is well known among cyclists. This route starts in Rimouski and heads east. The 61.5 km circuit alternates between paved trails and glimpses of shoreline.

    You’ll have the chance to see many historical sites and views during your ride. In Rimouski, you’ll pass the Pointe-au-Père historic site. Higher up, you can soak in the charm of the Sainte-Luce and Sainte-Flavie villages.

    sainte luce littoral
    One-of-a-kind maritime landscape in Sainte-Luce.

    A rather challenging route overall, the Grand Circuit Maritime ends at the edge of the Gaspé Peninsula. Make sure to dress warm for the crisp sea air and get ready to work those calf muscles!

    2. Circuit Terre et Mer

    As its name suggests, the Circuit Terre et Mer (Land and Sea route) takes you through both seaside and countryside. From Trois-Pistoles, the road descends towards the south.  You’ll traverse a plateau before cycling along Isle-Verte cove. From there, hop on the ferry to the famous Isle-Verte and explore the island’s wilderness.

    isle verte
    Don’t forget to stop by the lighthouse and the historic church of L’Isle-Verte on your way!

    This slightly hilly 58-kilometre route is less challenging than the Grand Circuit Maritime and is perfect for intermediate cyclists.

    3. Circuit de la Route de Frontières

    The Route des Frontières is longer than the previous two cycling routes and has a charm all its own. Throughout the 118-kilometre ride,you’ll experience first-hand the stunning vistas and rich history of the Bic region.

    circuit velo nouveau brunswick
    The vibrant landscapes of New Brunswick are a sight to behold!

    The route starts from Pohénégamook beach and is simple despite its length. You will have the opportunity to experience New Brunswick before cycling alongside Lake Pohénégamook and the Maine border. Cyclists won’t soon forget the colourful forest scenery.

    4. Petit Témis interprovincial park trail

    The Petit Témis interprovincial park trail is a long, easy route that takes you eastward from the Rivière-du-Loup to Edmundston. You’ll follow the 74-kilometre trail through beautiful countryside before experiencing Lake Témiscouata. The tour then continues along the Madawaska River all the way to Edmundston.

    circuit lac temiscouata
    The glistening waters of Lake Témiscouata will motivate you to finish the ride.

    You can take the ferry across the lake to Saint-Juste-du-Lac.

    5. Circuit des Églantiers

    The Circuit des Églantiers runs from Kamouraska to Rivière-du-Loup. You’ll follow the St. Lawrence coastline for almost the entire journey.

    Throughout your 42-kilometre ride, you’ll have the chance to admire the famous monadnocks. These rocky hill formations dot the Kamouraska plain. You will also take in the beautiful seascapes.

    plaine kamouraska
    The Kamouraska plain is full of breathtaking scenery.

    A Tip from Vieux Loup de Mer: Brave souls can continue along the Petit Témis Interprovincial Linear Park trail after reaching Rivière-du-Loup! Once you’ve finished this trail, gather your courage and head east.

    6. Grand Circuit of the Route des Monts Notre-Dame

    Spanning 275 kilometres (!), the Grand Circuit de la Route des Monts Notre-Dame is the longest trail on our list. You’ll start your great cycling adventure at Trois-Pistoles. From there, the path descends eastward along Lake Témiscouata to Dégelis, where you’ll find Mont Saint-Anne.

    Then begins your ascent to Rimouski. The journey is long, but there are many natural and historical sites to stop at along the way. Don’t miss Pain de Sucre, Montagne de la Tour or Montagne Blanche!

    rimouski ile saint barnabe
    When you arrive in Rimouski, relax at Beauséjour Park or head to the bay for sunset views over Saint-Barnabé Island 😊

    Tip: It’s possible to do (shorter) versions of these loops. You can study the existing cycling routes to create your own!

    7. Circuit Cyclosportif

    This last route is also the most demanding!The Circuit Cyclosportif will put even the most experienced of us to the test. This 55-kilometre route starts in Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

    lac temiscouata
    A second stop on the shores of lake Témiscouata is a must!

    You’ll conquer many hills and gain 751 metres of elevation. This trail is therefore not suited to children. You may break a sweat, but the breathtaking views of Lake Témiscouata make this bike ride well worth the effort!

    Rest up at le Vieux Loup de Mer before conquering the Bas-Saint-Laurent!

    Cycling the many bike paths in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region is one of our favourite things to do in Rimouski. We wanted to show you the top 7 classic (and most beautiful!) cycling routes. But there are still many paths waiting to be discovered!

    During your visit to Rimouski, stay at one of our chalets in nearby Le Bic. Our cottages offer the perfect place to recharge your batteries and experience all the region has to offer! Le Vieux Loup de Mer team can’t wait to welcome you and share their own secret paths. Cycling in the Bas-Saint-Laurent is a great pastime, and our local tips will make it truly unforgettable! Contact us today!

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