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    Discover Pic Champlain in Parc National du Bic

    Pic Champlain is an iconic natural site in Rimouski’s Parc National du Bic that attracts crowds of tourists every year. The peak is the crowning jewel of the national park and is well worth the hike to reach the summit.

    The trek includes stunning views of the bay and unique wildlife sightings. Pic Champlain also plays an important part in the history of the region.

    Vieux Loup de Mer invites you to discover Pic Champlain in Parc National du Bic and what it has to offer!

    An extraordinary natural site

    This natural site in the heart of Parc National du Bic reaches 346 m at its peak. Located just a few hundred metres from the river, Pic Champlain is higher than it seems!

    It’s a near 2-hour climb, but the summit offers a spectacular view of the region. Seeing the bay and the Îles du Bic from on high is an unforgettable experience.

    While hiking up Pic Champlain, you’ll also have the chance to admire the area’s fauna and flora. The national park is home to many types of mammals, birds and insects, so keep your eyes open to spot the wildlife of the Parc National du Bic. 😉

    A summit with a rich history

    Pic Champlain was discovered by Samuel de Champlain during his first visit to the region. The first description of the site dates back to 1603. The peak now bears his name and is an integral part of the history of Le Bic.

    For many years, Pic Champlain played an important role in the lives of the region’s inhabitants as a major landmark for navigators.

    Did you know? The name of the village and region, “Bic”, has been distorted over time. The place was originally called “Pic” because of Pic Champlain. The meaning was lost over the centuries and the name eventually transformed. 😊

    Climbing Pic Champlain in Parc National du Bic

    Pic Champlain is also known for its hiking trails—many tourists come to the region to climb the peak. There are two different hiking trails in Parc National du Bic that lead to the summit.

    The Pic Champlain hike is 6 km long. Approaching from the northeast, it takes two hours of walking, including a 45-minute climb, to reach the summit. The other hike, les Murailles, approaches the peak from the southwest. The two-hour trek takes you through dense vegetation and offers a number of scenic views.

    Dogs are allowed on the hiking trails.

    Rest up at Vieux Loup de Mer before climbing Pic Champlain at Parc National du Bic

    Pic Champlain is a regional treasure, and climbing it is one of Parc National du Bic’s most indispensable activities. Many brave souls undertake the climb each year. With its rich history and beautiful scenery, Pic Champlain is not to be missed when visiting the Rimouski region.

    If you do decide to brave the climb, why not recharge your batteries at one of our chalets in Le Bic? We have a wide selection of cozy chalets available for visitors. Contact us today! Our team will be thrilled to accommodate you.

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