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    What to Do at Parc Lepage in Rimouski

    When we think of parks in Rimouski, the first place that usually comes to mind is Parc Beauséjour. However, that’s not the city’s only green space.

    Located right in the heart of the city, Parc Lepage is an attraction you won’t want to miss if you’re visiting Rimouski and the surrounding area. It’s the perfect place for the whole family to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

    From location and accessibility to the activities available on-site, Vieux Loup de Mer invites you to discover Parc Lepage in Rimouski and what it has to offer!

    Parc Lepage: A green space in the heart of Rimouski

    Parc Lepage is located in downtown Rimouski, not far from Parc Beauséjour. It is a wooded space that provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for recharging your batteries after a busy day. After Parc Beauséjour, Parc Lepage is the second largest green space in the city, with a little stream running through it that gives it incomparable charm.

    Parc Lepage has many benches, fountains and spaces where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors and the hot summer days. It’s a spot you should definitely check out during your stay in Rimouski!

    In 2019, the city of Rimouski decided on a new revitalization plan to diversify the infrastructure available in the park. The plan includes two trails with rest areas equipped with pergolas, benches and hammocks. This is a great opportunity to make Parc Lepage even more of a destination for relaxation in the heart of Rimouski.

    Tip from Vieux Loup de Mer: If you like the peace and quiet of parks and green spaces, consider checking out Parc du Mont Saint-Louis in Le Bic! 😊

    The fauna and flora are rich at Parc Lepage in Rimouski ! @sabgendron lets you see what you may come across during your visit! 😉

    Things to do throughout the year

    Many different activities take place at Parc Lepage in Rimouski over the course of the year. From sports and nature walks to concerts, summer camps and lantern parades, there’s always something to do at the park, whether it’s winter or summer!

    To find out more about the activities on offer at Parc Lepage, don’t hesitate to contact the city of Rimouski.

    Did you know? Parc Lepage is named after René Lepage, founder of the city of Rimouski. To learn more about the history of Rimouski, consider visiting the Pointe-au-Père historic site! 😉

    In summer as in winter, the walks at Parc Lepage in Rimouski are a moment of relaxation and calm that you will appreciate during your stay! @maude_deraps offers you a few shots of it! 😊

    Accessibility & Hours

    Parc Lepage is located in the heart of Rimouski, at 383 Rue de la Seigneuresse, G5L 6E2. You can also access the park via Rue Pierre Delisle.

    The park is open Monday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    To contact park services, call (418) 724-3157.

    Stay at Vieux Loup de Mer when you visit Rimouski!

    Of the many things to do in Rimouski, taking a walk outdoors and discovering the city’s parks is one of the most special experiences. Nothing beats taking a break from the frenzy of activities to relax in the complete tranquility of Rimouski’s green spaces.

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    Contact us today! Our team will be happy to welcome you and share their best tips for a successful trip. We look forward to having you 😊

    Cover photo credit: Tourisme Rimouski

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