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    Discover the Best Snowshoeing Trails in Rimouski

    When visiting Rimouski, many people take the opportunity to go snowshoeing. The region has snowshoeing trails available for winter sports enthusiasts of all skill levels, and its snowy landscape is incomparably beautiful. However, it’s not always easy to determine which trails will be right for you—they can differ greatly in terms of length and difficulty.

    In this article, Vieux Loup de Mer presents a selection of the best snowshoeing trails in Rimouski to help you figure out where to go snowshoeing.

    Le Littoral

    The 5.5 km Le Littoral trail takes you along the St. Lawrence River past Îlet Canuel and Île Saint-Barnabé, offering stunning scenery throughout. When temperatures drop and the bay starts to freeze, the striking landscape will make you feel as though you have been transported to another world.

    This trail is appropriate for beginners, so the whole family can snowshoe together and enjoy the shoreline of the St. Lawrence.

    You will surely not see anything more beautiful than the winter coastline of Rimouski! @so.riouxphoto offers you some shots of it! 😉

    L’Éboulis and Le Draveur

    L’Éboulis and Le Draveur are two of the best snowshoeing trails in Rimouski. The two trails encircle the mouth of the Rimouski River, one on each side. Measuring 4.5 and 5.1 km long respectively, they form a circuit that is the longest on this list.

    Starting from Parc Beauséjour, the L’Éboulis and Le Draveur circuit crosses the river at the Dynamo bridge and ends facing Parc Beauséjour from the other side.

    These intermediate trails allow you to explore the city of Rimouski and its river, taking you through both urban and green spaces.

    Tip from Vieux Loup de Mer: Did you know that some trails also offer cross-country skiing? Something to consider if you’re a cross-country ski enthusiast 😊

    The winter landscapes offered by the Beausejour Park are simply sublime! @christ.wins still can’t believe it! 😊

    The trails at Parc national du Bic

    Last but certainly not least are the snowshoeing trails at Parc national du Bic. The park has a number of trails of varying length and difficulty, including La-Coulée-à-Blanchette, Le Scoggan, Les Anses and La Pinède.

    The trails at Parc National du Bic are dedicated to hiking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter. Before setting off, make sure to check the route and difficulty of the snowshoeing trail you want to take, because some are quite challenging and may not be suitable for beginners.

    Tip from Vieux Loup de Mer: If you need to rent snowshoes for your outing, equipment rentals are available at Parc Beauséjour in Rimouski. The park is the starting point for many of the city’s snowshoeing trails! 😊

    Note that there are many other snowshoeing trails to explore in Rimouski besides the ones listed above. They include Le Moulin, Le Cardio and Le Castor, and their difficulty level ranges from beginner to intermediate.

    Stay at Vieux Loup de Mer before going snowshoeing in Rimouski

    Snowshoeing in Rimouski is a winter activity you won’t want to miss! With the number of snowshoeing trails in the city and the surrounding area, there is something for everyone, whether they’re beginners or experts.

    To prepare for your trip to the region, book your stay at one of our chalets in Rimouski. At Vieux Loup de Mer, we have a variety of charming accommodations available just steps from Parc National du Bic.Contact Vieux Loup de Mer today! Our team will be happy to welcome you this winter and provide our best travel tips for Rimouski and the surrounding area. Book now for a trip you won’t soon forget! 😉

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