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    Discover the Sugar Shack: A Quebec Tradition

    As the weather warms, most of us look forward to the longer, sunnier days ahead. The end of winter also brings another boon for Quebecers—sugar shack season! But what exactly is a sugar shack, and why is it such a popular activity in the region?

    There are a great many sugar shacks in Quebec, most of which are only open for a short time each year, so it can be difficult to plan an outing and decide where to go. Fortunately, Vieux Loup de Mer is here to help!

    In this article, we provide a short history of sugar shacks and advice on where and when to visit.

    The sugar shack: definition and history

    Sugar shacks (cabanes à sucre in French) are establishments that make maple syrup and other maple products. Maple is an essential component of Bas-Saint-Laurent cuisine that is very popular with Quebecers and tourists alike.

    The establishments, many of which are open to tourists, are located in maple forests where the sap that is used to make syrup is collected.

    Sugar shacks originated in the 19th century in Quebec and other regions of North America where maple trees are found. Originally, sugar shacks were mostly artisanal and family operations. “Sugaring off season” is a term used to refer to the period during which the maple trees are tapped to make syrup.

    Sugaring off is a real slice of history in Rimouski and Quebec.

    Sugar shacks in Spring are the perfect activity for the whole family! Between gastronomy and tradition, @pst.prtm shows you a few shots of it! 😉

    Where to go sugaring off in Rimouski and Quebec

    There are many sugar shacks located throughout Quebec, including in Rimouski and its environs. When visiting a sugar shack, you’ll be able to take a look at the equipment used to collect maple syrup—the system includes buckets, spiles and hoses to transport the sap to the place where it is processed.

    Sites such as Bonjour Quebec list most of the sugar shacks in Quebec, including those in the  Bas-Saint-Laurent. To prepare for your excursion, it’s best to do a bit of research, check out social media and read a few online reviews to decide which sugar shack you want to visit! 😉

    Tip from Vieux Loup de Mer: If you’re interested in the history and traditions of Rimouski, consider visiting Lamontagne House from June to October! 😉

    When to go sugaring off in Rimouski and Quebec

    The time to visit sugar shacks in Rimouski and Quebec is in spring, during sugaring off season. The period lasts around a month, starting the first week of April. During this time, the sugar shacks are in the process of making maple syrup and other products.

    When spring comes, head out to a sugar shack to enjoy a traditional Quebec experience!

    Stay at Vieux Loup de Mer before going sugaring off in Rimouski!

    Sugaring off is an activity you won’t want to miss if you’re visiting Quebec in springtime. Sugar shacks are some of the best places to visit in Rimouski if you’re interested in the regional cuisine.

    To prepare for your excursion to a sugar shack in the Rimouski region, it’s best to plan your stay in advance. Booking your stay at one of Vieux Loup de Mer’s chalets in Rimouski is a great way to continue your traditional Quebec experience. Contact us today! Our team will be happy to welcome you and ensure that you have a memorable experience. 😉

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