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    Spring hiking trails in Rimouski: our top 3 picks

    The Rimouski region offers many trails for hiking lovers. In spring, these trails allow you to discover or rediscover the nature transformed by the departed snow.

    Before setting out on the trails, remember to equip yourself appropriately for the season’s needs. Hiking poles, traction devices in your pack, boots and waterproof gaiters are essential for a safe and comfortable hike.

    Discover our top 3 spring hikes to do in the Rimouski area.

    Explore the Neigette Falls trail

    Looking for a short country walk or a longer hike? The Neigette Falls trail is for you.

    For a short and accessible hike, head to the Neigette Falls, in the hinterland of Rimouski (range 6 west, in Saint-Donat). A short walk leads to the foot of this spectacular waterfall and halfway down its breathtaking descent, on a beautiful footbridge.

    For those who like longer hikes, this section of the National Trail can lead much further. 13 km of hiking trails link the Neigette Falls to Mont-Comi, crossing the Notre-Dame Mountains, part of the Appalachian chain!

    A hike along the St. Lawrence River

    At the eastern end of the Bic National Park, not far from the Vieux Loup de Mer estate and its cottages, a short one-hour hike provides a beautiful feeling of springtime freedom. From the park’s parking lot, which can be reached via the road leading to Saint-Fabien-sur-Mer, the trail begins on the shores of the St. Lawrence River before taking you on a counter-clockwise hike along the shores of Anse-à-Capelans. Please note that this trail is only accessible during low tide.

    Halfway along the trail, a point overlooking the village offers a unique panorama. The last section of the route follows the Anse-à-Mercier.

    A trail that should not be missed during your next stay in Bic National Park!

    An island hike off Rimouski

    Three kilometers from Rimouski’s marina, Saint-Barnabé Island and its hiking trails are easily accessible by regular shuttles.

    At 6 km long and barely 300 meters wide, the island offers fabulous insular scenery to be discovered along its three hiking trails (from 3 to 12 km in total).

    There is no doubt that you will encounter the king of the area, the Great Blue Heron, the island’s emblematic bird.

    Come visit and discover our region in the spring

    No matter the season, the Rimouski region has many activities to offer to all nature lovers.

    At Vieux Loup de Mer, we like to share with our guests the most beautiful hikes to be discovered in the Rimouski region from another point of view: ours! Come and discover our estate for a weekend or a long vacation by renting a traditional cottage in the Rimouski region to enjoy a wonderful experience in nature.

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