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    7 Winter Activities to Discover in Bic National Park

    In both winter and summer, Bic National Park (officially called Parc National du Bic) attracts many tourists eager to discover the wonders it has to offer. When snow blankets the region, there are just as many exciting activities to enjoy as there are during the summer.

    Snowshoeing, skiing, sledding and fat biking are just a few of the winter activities available at the park.

    Vieux de Loup de Mer invites you to discover 7 of the great activities on offer at Bic National Park over the winter!


    The things you can do at Bic National Park in the summer are also available in winter, and when the snow falls, even more great activities get added to the list.

    The hiking trails at Bic National Park remain accessible over the winter, but for the sake of convenience, you may prefer to snowshoe. Snowshoeing  gives you the opportunity to discover the park from a different perspective.

    Almost 38 km of trails are marked for snowshoeing during the winter. And if you need to take a break during your excursion, there are several warming huts available for visitors.

    Check out the park’s map of winter trails (in French only) to plan your route!

    Winter hikes in Bic Park will give you a unique experience surrounded by amazing scenery! @niniefortin can attest to that! 😉

    Climbing Pic Champlain

    Bic National Park’s landmark attraction, Pic Champlain, is also accessible over the winter. The ascent can be done on foot or on snowshoes.

    Climbing Pic Champlain  in winter is an unforgettable experience. As magnificent as the peak is in the summer, it’s even more beautiful when covered in snow. Once you reach the summit, you’ll be able to enjoy an incomparable view of the wintry landscape and the frozen Baie du Bic.

    In winter, Bic National Park and Pic Champlain are a must-see to enjoy uncommon snowy landscapes 😉 @athoni.barbe gives you a taste of it!

    Wildlife watching

    Bic National Park is an ideal place to watch the wildlife of the region. A wide variety of animals can be spotted at Bic National Park during the winter. Seals and common eiders are marine animals that are commonly found around the bay. The park is also home to one of the largest populations of North American porcupines on the continent. You may also see deer and fishers in the park in winter.

    When visiting Bic National Park, keep your eyes open and take the time to stop and admire the wildlife that surrounds you. Information booklets on the park’s flora and fauna are available at the park’s boutique. You can also hire a guide to give you a more comprehensive overview of the wildlife.

    Fat biking

    Fat biking, an activity that’s become increasingly popular in recent years, is available at Bic National Park in the winter. These oversized bikes can be ridden in snow without slipping or getting stuck.

    The park boasts almost 16 kilometres of trails dedicated to fat biking. Check out the park’s trail map to plan your outing and pick which trails you want to take.

    Bic National Park provides fatbike rentals for visitors.

    Tip from Vieux Loup de Mer: The winter activities at Bic National Park are usually accessible from mid-December to the end of March, but weather conditions may affect the availability of some sites and activities. Consider checking with the park before finalizing your plans 😉

    A fun and sporty practice, fatbike riding at Bic National Park is a real must for the most athletic! 😉 @di.sunflower parked the link by the bay!

    Cross-country skiing

    Bic National Park also has almost 10.5 kilometres of trails dedicated to cross-country skiing . This is a great activity for winter sports lovers who want to explore a landscape that’s truly out of the ordinary.

    As with fat biking, you can rent equipment from the park and check their winter trail map to see which routes are available.

    If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, you can rent one of the park’s two kicksleds to use on the hiking trails. Kicksledding is a great alternative to cross-country skiing that’s very popular in Scandinavia!

    Cross-country skiing on the trails of Bic National Park, it’s possible! Thanks to @yanick.paul for this picture 😉


    Sledding is a great activity for all ages that’s available at Bic National Park during the winter. The sledding hill is located near Le Porc-Épic rest stop. Come visit the hill for an activity that the whole family can enjoy!

    Remember to bring your own sled, because the park doesn’t offer this type of equipment rental.

    Tip from Vieux Loup de Mer: Sledding enthusiasts can also check out the hill at Parc Beauséjour for a day of family fun 😉


    Geocaching is another activity that is offered over the winter at Bic National Park. It combines treasure hunting with being active outdoors, and has quickly gained popularity throughout the world.

    The park provides a 10-kilometre loop full of cleverly-hidden caches to discover, so put your patience, curiosity and keen sense of observation to the task and go exploring!

    Geocaching will take you to some unusual and hidden places in the Bic National Park: @natheriault999 offers you a glimpse of these sublime viewpoints!

    Warm up at Vieux Loup de Mer during your winter visit to Bic National Park

    Visiting Bic National Park in winter is sure to be a fantastic vacation. With a plethora of attractions and activities to discover, it’s a place where you can immerse yourself in natural wilderness and truly get away from it all.

    If winter at Bic National Park sounds like your ideal vacation, why not top it off with a stay at one of our chalets in Le Bic? We have a wide selection of cozy accommodations to suit any taste.Contact us today! The Vieux Loup de Mer team will be thrilled to welcome you and let you in on the secrets of the region 😉

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